Website Redesign

Welcome to the long-needed redesign of Clavis Cryptica! Let me give you the grand tour.


New Host

CC now runs on WPEngine, a dedicated WordPress host. Constantly fending off the endless brute force attacks and malicious file uploads that come with the WordPress territory was stressing me out. Since WordPress is all they do, WPEngine knows how to keep my site safer and deals with any security issues that do pop up, free of charge. I’m in low-maintenance blog heaven.


New Theme

I used to compulsively redesign all of my websites at least once a year, so I’m a little shocked that I never even changed the theme here once over the past 5 years. This design feels a little more intentional and reflects the aesthetic direction I’ve been drifting toward lately.

More importantly, it was well past time for a more modern theme in terms of web standards. This theme should play more nicely on mobile and stay relevant for a little while longer. (Plus, it had been so long since I put my child theme situation together on the old version that I forgot how it all worked and I broke it every time the theme got an update. Again, an emphasis on low-maintenance here.)

There are still a handful of little design improvements I could make, but the odds that I’ll ever get around to making them are pretty low. And I’m okay with that!


New Categories

Since I originally created most of my blog categories before I had really started blogging, a lot of them were no longer relevant. I thought it would be nice to create some new categories and organize all of my posts accordingly, but it turned out to be a huge pain. Best blogging practices say each post should fit into just one category, and this gave me a really hard time.

I’ve been more interested in writing about design lately, so I want to make a distinction there. But I’m usually talking about 1-3 other topics along with design. And I’m talking about the design of a specific thing, but maybe another specific thing at the same time. I went as far as making a big spreadsheet where I tried to assign 1-3 verbs and 1-3 nouns to each post to help me choose categories, but it wasn’t very effective. Nothing was working!

I’m not sure I hit the mark with the categories I chose in the end, but it’s at least better than my Plan B which was just two categories: Mystery Hunt Recaps, and Everything Else.

I also cleaned up the tags while I was at it, which was relatively painless. Who uses tags anyway.


New Posts

This redesign (along with being busy starting a business and dumping 60 hours into The Witness) has been holding me back somewhat from writing new posts. Now that it’s no longer an obstacle, I’m hoping to get back into semi-regular posting. Going back through old posts and comments made me really miss writing regularly and networking with interesting people on subjects I care about.


So that’s basically it! Hope you all dig the new design as much as I do.