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My older brother taught himself to read by watching Wheel of Fortune, and then taught me to read before I started kindergarten. While I enjoyed reading as a kid, I was never what you would call a voracious reader. When I was in grade school, our district introduced the Accelerated Reader program – a system which assigns levels and points to books, and quotas to students based on their reading levels. I suppose it could be seen as a way to “gamify” reading, but for me, and many other students, it turned reading into a chore. By junior high, I was pretty…

The Genius: Black Garnet, Coming Soon!

  I’m breaking my long bout of blogging laziness to bring you important news: The Genius is coming back for Season 3 on October 1st. That’s next week! The subtitle for this season is “Black Garnet,” which conjures up all sorts of thoughts about potential betrayal and trickery. Will there be some new type of garnet introduced that has a negative effect, so players will be trying to get rid of it? Could it be some sort of hot potato for Death Match candidates? I’m glad the mechanic of the black garnet (assuming there will be one) hasn’t been revealed…

The Genius: Rules of the Game

  The Genius: Rules of the Game is a South Korean reality TV game show that pits players against each other in various games of wits and strategy.  The show debuted in April of this year, so it’s still super fresh, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is into smart TV. The game starts off with 13 players, some are fairly well-known celebrities, others are simply bright minds, but all are selected for their particular talents and skills which might be useful in the game.  Each episode focuses on a different game, in a segment called the Main…

Whodunnit? – Episode 9 Review

  [Watch out!  This post contains lots of spoilers for the finale of Whodunnit?, including the identity of the Killer and the winner.  I’ve put some spoiler tags in, but the photos are also very spoilery.  You’ve been warned!] At long last, the season finale of Whodunnit?!  But whose murder would the players be investigating this week?  With a kidnapped butler, a room full of smoke, and a disappearing contestant, things were off to a very strange start.

Whodunnit? – Episode 8 Review

  In the last episode before the season finale, the four remaining players investigated [spoiler]Ronnie[/spoiler]’s mysterious murder.   Investigation: A format change was introduced this week — players competed for the privilege of visiting a fourth “mystery site” plus three minutes at another site of their choice.

Whodunnit? – Episode 5 Review

This week’s episode of Whodunnit? sent players outside the mansion to the stables and a horse trail, where [spoiler]Ulysses apparently fell off his horse and died.[/spoiler]   Investigation: Dana did a good job finding a key piece of information at the Morgue [spoiler](the puncture wounds on Uylsses’s right leg)[/spoiler], but her focus on being sneaky meant that she missed another important piece: [spoiler]the splinters on his jeans[/spoiler].  Since she was one of the players convinced he died by [spoiler]snakebite[/spoiler], this could have been important piece for her and for Ronnie’s team.

Whodunnit? – Episode 4 Review

  Another week, another murder.  I think this show is getting better with each episode.  Things are heating up now, and the players are really starting to dive in to the interpersonal strategy of the game.   Investigation: This week’s investigation was a little bit different.  Since everyone was present at [spoiler]Don’s[/spoiler] last known whereabouts ([spoiler]the breakfast table[/spoiler]), there was no need to investigate there.  Instead, players investigated the “Suspect,” which was (an odd way of saying) the [spoiler]sedated mountain that attacked him.  (Looking back, I suppose it wasn’t such an odd way to label the lion, since it wasn’t…

Whodunnit? – Episode 3 Review

  This week on Whodunnit?, the players had to solve the mystery of [spoiler]Adrianna’s[/spoiler] murder.  No format changes, but there were some new player strategies when it came to sharing information.   Investigation: The group seems to have effectively split into two factions — the power group of four, lead by Kam, and everybody else, lead by Ronnie.  At the body investigation site, the two players from Ronnie’s group were whispering, reluctant to share information with Ulysses (part of the power group).