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Happy 100th Post

I can’t believe it, but this is my 100th post here at Clavis Cryptica!  I have a history of launching and then abandoning blogs, so 100 is a pretty big milestone for me! Here are 100 odds and ends for your amusement:

Clavis Cryptica 1-Year Anniversary

One year ago yesterday, I wrote my first post and launched Clavis Cryptica!  I’ve started a lot of blogs over the years, and let most of them fizzle out pretty quickly.  Although I had a few months of no posts here between June and December, things have started to pick back up and I’m proud that I’ve managed to keep this blog going for a whole year!  My goals for 2012 have been to start keeping a more regular update schedule (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and to work more seriously to promote this blog.  So far I feel like it’s…

Clavis Cryptica Tumblr

You’ll notice a new widget to the right, a random image from the new Clavis Cryptica Tumblr. I’ll be re-blogging images that I find mysterious, haunting, or otherwise inspiring, and the widget on the right will display a random image from that set. Be sure to click through to find the source of the image.  If one of an artist’s pieces inspires you, then others might as well! Hopefully you will see these images and be inspired!

Welcome to Clavis Cryptica

Welcome to my new mystery and puzzle-themed blog, Clavis Cryptica.  My hopes for this blog are to find an outlet for my interest in puzzles and mysteries and to provide a resource and community for other people with a similar interest in the more engimatic things in life. Here are some things you can expect here on Clavis Cryptica Reviews of mystery books, movies, TV shows, and games, old and new. Discussion of different types of codes and ciphers, their history and how to use them. Contests featuring codes to decipher, images to interpret, and scav hunts to follow. And…