Holiday Gift Ideas for Puzzle Lovers 2012


2012 Games:

Other games:
  • A murder mystery party kit (usually available at game stores that sell board games, also search online for downloadable kits)



  • A puzzle in the form of a holiday greeting card
  • A custom-made puzzle/treasure hunt for your friend or loved one

4 comments on Holiday Gift Ideas for Puzzle Lovers 2012

  • Dan E.

    Add to 2012 puzzle games: “Fez”, “A Fool And His Money”.

    There are mystery/puzzle jigsaw puzzles (e.g. by Bepuzzled, or the Alphabet Murder jigsaws — seriously, who can resist the cheeseball charm of These can be enjoyable, though I wish they were better.

    Speaking of jigsaw puzzles, I really like (disclaimer: I know the company’s founder). In particular is cool from a puzzle-solving point of view.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Ah, can’t believe I forgot Fez! And hadn’t heard of A Fool and His Money, looks interesting.

      Oh man, those mystery jigsaw puzzles look awesome! I love jigsaw puzzles, solving two puzzles without a key is my idea of a good time, haha.

      Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Chris M. Dickson

    The Guardian had this list of gift ideas, more specifically for fans of mathematics rather than fans of puzzles, but there’s a good chance of crossover interest – not least the 17x17x17 Rubik’s cube…

  • tabstop

    If you’re one getting gifts for one of those kinds of people, there are becoming quite a few crossword-by-subscription services out there. There’s a long-time one that arrives in an envelope every month whose name escapes me; online there are Fireball crosswords (used to be the NY Sun) and the American Values (used to be the onion AV club, so definitely edgy)

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