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Combination Lock Puzzle – Solutions and Analysis

Thank you so much to everyone who took a crack at my Combination Lock Puzzle!  I had a lot of fun receiving e-mails and Facebook messages and tracking everyone’s progress!  There was a great feeling of excitement to see who would be the five prize-winners, a race to the finish!  I wasn’t expecting that sort of atmosphere, and it was a lovely surprise. And thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on their puzzle-solving process.  I really learned some valuable things about puzzle-making and solving, and I feel confident that my next puzzles will be even better =)  Now…

Say What You See Puzzle #3 – Solution

This week I increased the difficulty of the Say What You See puzzle, adding a second visual element and making a trivia question about the two puzzle pieces.  Still nothing too tricky, but hopefully solving two extra little puzzles made it more fun! Here are the solutions for Monday’s visual puzzles: Puzzle #1: [spoiler]Sum (Wario)Ware Rove ER Dee-dee Rain Bow = “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”[/spoiler] Puzzle #2: [spoiler]RAV Eeyore Shelf A Mary Little Kris Mouse = “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”[/spoiler]   And the answer to the trivia question, what do these two things have in common? [spoiler]These two songs were…

Say What You See Puzzle #2 – Solution

This week’s Say What You See Puzzle was a little more complicated than last week’s, but lots of people still solved it!  =)  And the answer was quite fitting for the season… Highlight below for the solution to Monday’s puzzle: [spoiler]Ape Grill Shower Ring Mae Flour = “April Showers Bring May Flowers”[/spoiler]   Congratulations to Jeremy for being first this week, followed by Matthew and Jen!  Jen gets bonus points for proper capitalization, and cronyism.  =) Watch out next week, I’m turning up the heat!

Say What You See Puzzle #1 – Solution

Did you solve the Say What You See puzzle from Monday?  You can still go back and solve it for fun, or wait until next Monday to try and be the first to solve the new one.   Highlight below for the solution to Monday’s puzzle: [spoiler]Donut Count Oar Check Kens Bee Ford Hay Hatch  =  “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”[/spoiler]   Congratulations to Kearby for being the first to solve, followed by Jeremy.  I especially appreciated the enthusiastic exclamation points at the end of both your answers =)