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2012 Post Hunt

Yesterday was the 5th Annual Washington Post Hunt in downtown Washington D.C.!  Get ready for a full report of my Post Hunt experience.  As always, the puzzle explanations have been promptly posted over at the Washington Post website, so you can check those out to see the official puzzle recaps (with photos and video!). Here we go!  Long post ahead!

Post Hunt Prep

Let the countdown begin!  It is now less than two short weeks until the Washington Post Hunt, one of the few big exciting puzzle events on the East coast.  The Post Hunt will be held in downtown Washington D.C. at Franklin Park.  The event starts at 12pm EST and is free to play.  Just show up and they take care of the rest! For anyone who is new to Post Hunt and wondering what it’s all about, here’s basically how it works.  The game consists of five main puzzles spread out across the city (but all well within walking distance).…

2011 Post Hunt

Last weekend, I participated in the Washington Post Hunt in D.C. for the first time.  I had been wanting to try it since I first heard about it last year.  The Post Hunt is a puzzle hunt that takes place every year in Washington D.C., sponsored by the Washington Post.  You can watch videos explaining all of the puzzles of this year’s hunt (and all the previous years) at the Post Hunt website. Here’s the basic idea:  There are five puzzles set up around the city, within walking distance of the starting area.  The answer to each puzzle is always…